You Are Valuable

Pearl Drop 04-14

You are Valuable!

In Luke 15:  There are three stories about a woman and a coin, a shepherd and his sheep and a son and his father.  The common factor here is that they became LOST.  You can only be lost if you once belonged!

The lost sheep could only stand on the edge of a precipice and bleat. The lost coin had no means of attracting attention. The lost son could remember where he came from.

So what was it about these three that caused them to be ‘found?” their VALUE….it was because they were valuable to the owner.

The coin could only rely on it’s integral value to be found. The lost sheep could bleat to help indentify its predicament, but again the sheep was valuable to the shepherd.

The lost son, remembered where he came from and was able to return, but in his mind he could never become a son again…..he had lost his value. But in His Fathers eyes he had never lost his value!

In God’s eyes you have never lost your value. The Trinity invested themselves in you when you were conceived in the heart of love Himself. You are made in the likeness and image of God, about that He has never changed his mind. You are the Trinity’s favourite place of residence in the earth. You are the only place He has chosen to reside in the earth..precisely because you were designed to be a perfect. You may have lost value in your own eyes, but from His perspective you are a pearl of great price and Jesus sold all that he had to buy you back and give you the place of honour that was always yours as a son of God.