How do you see yourself?

Pearl Drop 14-05

How do you see yourself?

Father God knew that the events that would follow creation would bring suffering and wickedness to his creation. Such events would twist and pervert mankind completely beyond recognition of his original blueprint or intent. To such an extent that mankind would lose all reference to who he is originally and to whom he belongs, he would loose all sense of identity or value apart from in relation his surroundings, experiences and other people.

In this natural world psychologists tell us that our sense of identity is our ability to look at ourselves as a separate entity among other separate entities. What people do to make themselves comfortable, to ‘find themselves’ is they see themselves in the context of other entities. Peoples sense of identity is very often influenced by their culture, I see myself in the context of my culture, in the context of my language, race, location, community, education, family, career, greatest achievement, or deepest disappointment, people find themselves within the context of such.

But all this yardstick is temporal. Jesus comes to introduce you to a context called eternity. In that context all those criteria disappear.  In God before all time began, there was no career, there was no location, language, race. No culture or social structure etc.

We, mankind,  have allowed our achievements, our disappointments, our careers, our culture etc. to define us. God has got a different definition, an eternal definition, He says you are His image and His likeness and not a fraction of who you are has been revealed yet!  That’s why He wants to unveil this mystery….and unveil and unveil…..for eternity!

Jn.8:16 Jesus said, ‘If I do judge, My judgement is true for I am not making it alone, out of the narrowness of my own experience, but in the largeness of the one who sent me, my Father.’ (Message Bible) If Jesus said that if his experience is too narrow to make judgement from, whether regarding himself or others, then we have to come to the conclusion that there is a bigger context to our lives than what we have experienced so far!

The Word of God, Jesus, comes to confront you with the reality of what God believes concerning you.  He is convinced, He is not going to change His mind….We may look at Jesus and see a man of total peace and joy at rest in knowing who He is and where he comes from and where he is going…and say ‘that is not me!’  God would respond and say, your honesty is laudable, but what I say about you transcends what you think about yourself.