Re-locate your Mind

Pearl Drop 07-14

Re-Locating Your Mind.

When we are born physically into the earth, mankind comes under the influence of an inferior mind-set that was the result of Adams fall. Luke quotes from Isaiah, Lk.1:79/Mt.4:16. ‘The people who sat in darkness…..’ Mankind sits, an immobile expression, expressing the activity of mankind operating out of a fallen or inferior mind-set from God’s perspective. From our perspective mankind is daily involved in frenetic activity, but activity that accounts for nothing as far as heaven is concerned. Mankind sits in darkness. Darkness is the overarching influence upon people’s minds out of which their activity is sponsored. Darkness promotes a legalistic mind-set which is fundamentally selfish. Paul frequently uses the term ‘the flesh’ to describe what has been called our lower nature, or fallen nature. In reality the ‘flesh’ describes man’s inferior mind-set.
One major aspect that set Jesus apart from all other men and women was simply his mind-set.

There is nothing impure about our physical bodies. This ‘earth suit’ we live in designed to manifest the lifestyle of the default settings of our mind! If the default settings of our mind are those which promote our sense of inferiority or worthlessness, such a disposition then engages us in frenetic activity to gain a sense of worth or value. This illusive sense of value can only be sought from our peers. What other people will think about us. Mankind is trapped in this cycle of seeking value and evaluating whether we have achieved it or not by trying to ascertain what others think about us.

This DIY lifestyle is driven by self effort and selfishness. A legalistic mind-set, ‘the flesh,’ sponsors typical behaviour that expresses itself as very visible symptoms such as idolatry, which is worshipping a distorted image of oneself, drugs, hatred, constant conflict, jealous superstition, violent outbursts of rage, everyone for himself in a cut-throat competitive world, trampling upon others to get to the top, dissension, heresy and manipulating people’s minds with false teachings. Such a lifestyle that men and women manifest, is the mind-set of fallen man trying to follow the life of our design as witnessed in everyman’s conscience, by sheer willpower, independent of God. (Mirror Bible. Gal.5:20)