How to please God

How to please God.

Heb.11:6 ‘Without faith it is impossible to please God…’ This is not saying without faith you are not pleasing to God. No He is pleased with us as a Father is always pleased with his child, born of his flesh. But what pleases a Father even more is the child’s faith or trust in their Father that they willingly receive what he has to give them, tell them, instruct them and even discipline them in. This verse means that God is pleased when we come to Him in faith to receive what is available by His grace. As a parent you know that you always give more than is ever earnt to your children, this is grace, this is because of relationship and goes way beyond and you are so pleased when they gladly accept and use what you give them!

What is faith?

There are two kinds of faith. There is natural or human faith and God’s faith or the ‘faith of God.’ This is a supernatural faith of God that only comes to those who believe.

Natural faith

Human faith deals in what we see, hear, feel, smell and see. Human or natural faith deals with the senses. We have faith because we see. Using natural human faith, we can sit in a chair we’ve never sat in and believe it will hold us up. We fly in airplanes when we don’t fully understand how they work, and we don’t know the pilot, but we trust that everything will be okay. That takes human faith, which God gave to every person.

What if I asked you to sit in a chair you couldn’t see? Or what if the chair was missing one of its legs and was falling over? You wouldn’t sit in a chair like that with human faith. Would you fly in a plane if you could see that the engine was falling off or the tires were flat? Your senses would forbid it.

The faith of God

In Ephesians 2:8, Paul says, “For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:” It’s God’s grace that saves us, but not His grace alone. If that were so, then everyone would be saved because God’s grace has come to all men (Tit. 2:11).

We have to put faith in God’s grace, but the faith that we use isn’t our own human faith. This verse says that faith is the gift of God.

Therefore when it comes to God, we have to believe things that we cannot see. You haven’t seen God or the devil. You haven’t seen heaven or hell. You haven’t seen sin; therefore, you wouldn’t know what you would look like if your sins were taken away. However, you have to believe in all these things to be born again. How can you believe in things you can’t see? The answer is that you can’t believe in invisible things with human faith. You need God’s supernatural faith.

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