Jesus: Fully God and Fully Man: How?

Jesus: Fully God and Fully Man: How?

This conundrum was solved in Jesus, the ‘lamb slain BEFORE the foundation of the world! Nothing catches God out! He really is Jehovah sneaky! All He is, is blessing…..He only has your best interests at heart.  Jesus the God-Man incarnate. On the cross Jesus totally represented Man before God and God before Man.

To Man: Christ became the guarantee that God would faithfully fulfil His part, so that man could confidently depend upon God to pardon, accept and nevermore forsake.

To God: Jesus became the guarantee that man would faithfully fulfil his part, so that God could bestow on him the blessings of the covenant.

The way He fulfils His ‘surety-ship’ is this: As the Son of God – one with God, having the fulness of God dwelling in his human nature, He is personally a security to men that God will do His part. As the Son of Man – one with mankind, having taken mankind up as members into His own body, He is personal security to God that God’s interests shall be cared for. All that man must be and do is secured in Him.

The glory of the ‘new covenant’ is in the person of the God-Man Jesus. He is its living guarantee, its everlasting security. As we abide In HIM as the guarantee of the covenant, its blessings will be realised in and through us.

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