The Joy of Death! Part II

The Joy of Death
Part II

Having returned from Nigeria where I taught on Blood Covenant at Pastors’ and Leaders’ seminars for up to 3 hours at a time, which only lays a basic foundation, I have become increasingly aware of the sad but real truth of the lie perpetrated by the enemy. This leads me to ask the question: Have we replaced one lie with another? Have we who have believed, been led subtily to add something to Christ sacrifice for us? or not actually beleive His sacrifice was enough…it really ‘is finished!’

In the Nigerian context and typically among the Yoraba and Ebo people, those who have become Christians are genuine believers for the most part, but one of their constant prayers is, ‘please God set me free from the curses of my past, and those in my family’.

What is encouraging is that my main contact there, Pastor David Ojelade, a young married man in his mid-thirties, walks in the revelation based on Col. 2:1-16. This verse is one of the many statements Paul makes on the subject, and is pivotal to the blood covenant God has with man.

When Jesus said he came to ‘fulfill the law and not destroy it’, He was referring to the Mosaic Covenant, which was conditional on the Israelites’ faithfulness if they were to remain in the promised land. They failed in this respect and became covenant breakers, for which the penalties are clearly outlined in Deut. 28, after the blessings. In order to keep the covenant, the offended covenant partner was committed to fulfilling it by exercising the curses on the covenat breakers. Therefore, Israel began to suffer the curses in Deut. 28 in five cycles of discipline, as related in Leviticus 26:15-40. The just requirement of the law had to be fulfilled if the covenant was broken, yet alongside this legal requirement was the keeping of the unconditional covenant to Abraham, that his descendants would inherit the land forever. God had a conundrum!

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