Dealing with the Mind

Dealing with the Mind.

Many believers do not fully realise that the mind is a spiritual battleground. Negative thoughts are one of the enemy’s most powerful tools against us. The mind is in need of renewal which can only be done by applying ourselves to the truth. The enemy will consistently assault our thought life with innumerable doubts and temptations until we resist him with the truth. Many men and women are complacent today, simply because we have bought into the enemy’s lie that we are in some way limited or incapable of fulfilling our calling. We are constantly hearing lies and being harassed by negative thoughts about ourselves and others. The enemy will repeatedly whisper lies into our ear that we are incompetent; that we will miss our destiny, and that we are incapable of achieving our God-given desires and callings.

It is time to recognise these types of negative thought patterns for what they are: demonic strongholds. There are harassing spirits that try to pull a veil of stupor over our eyes to block us from our purpose by intimidating us and pointing out that we are not worthy or able to step into our destiny. They are literally tormenting spirits that can be assigned to you and I, simply to whisper thoughts into your ears.

In this war Satan will use the truth to keep you engaged on the lower realms of spirituality. His goal is to never allow you to embrace your true authority in God. He will distract you with ‘lesser truths,’issues of good and evil, ( trying to rationalise things out in your mind without reference to God) so you don’t turn to the tree of life. He will take great pleasure in pointing out your flaws, readily pointing to your sin nature. He seeks to lock you into a self-justification cycle.

However we no longer identify with sin-nature, we died to it (that old man), and identify with the Lord of Hosts. When we appeal to a higher realm of grace, throwing or eyes and hearts toward the lover of our souls, we transcend the ground warfare, and we are not fooled by the devils schemes. One of the best ways we can overcome our adversary is to agree with him quickly; before he drags us into court. Matt5:25. ‘Come to terms quickly with your accuser while you are on the way travelling (sojourning in the earth) with him, lest your accuser hand you over to the judge (becomes your judge,) and the judge to the guard and you be put into prison.’ AMP.(words in brackets added by author.)

Don’t try to justify yourself. Forget the denial, Admit your desperate short-comings, then embrace the power of the cross. Let your Advocate the ~Holy Spirit~ deal with it! Never give Satan the benefit of putting you on the defensive. It is true that you and I are incapable of fulfilling our callings alone, but the fact is Christ within us can accomplish all things. The blood of Jesus makes a way beyond myself.

For further reading a copy of ‘The Battle for the Mind’ by Peter Wilks is available online via Pearl Ministries publications.

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