Jehovah Sneaky!

Jehovah Sneaky!

If you had’nt noticed every miracle in the Bible is different, although the request for help may be similar the result comes differently. Take for example all the miracles Jesus did, each was done differently, why?

God wants me to become attached to His voice, not simply to a formulae. Success in having breakthroughs – a series of answers to prayer using a particular way, creates a momentum, which can lead to assumptions which in turn tend to lean on principles or concepts instead of His voice.

On the other hand the lack of answered prayer or ‘breakthroughs’ is a scary place, but one which should arrest our attention to the fact we may have slipped into the ‘way’ of simply reciting a principle to get results instead of listening for His voice.

Principles are important.  God lays down many principles in scripture to help us understand His ways and stay withing the boundaries of Gods presence.  But they are never to take the place of hearing His voice.

Jesus said in so many words; ‘I only do what my Father has shown me. I only say what He has told me too say.’ Jn.5:19-20, 5:30.

On many occasions people came to Jesus for healing, He would say: ‘be it done according to your faith.’

For me my knowing it is God’s will to be healed comes from His word: 1Pet.2:24.

This scripture I frequently meditate on. However to think that merely to confess or recite such a scripture over myself if I am sick, means I shall be instantly healed is misleading.

This scripture has to become ‘bread,’ or  in other words ‘life’ to me.  I do speak it out when symptoms of sickness creep up on me.  However I do it out of a heart of gratefulness and thankfulness, ever conscious that another scripture, another ‘rhema’ from God may actually be the trigger for healing rather than that familiar one.

Jesus said; John.15:7 “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

The key is to abide continually.


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