Are you becoming a Mighty man of Valour?

Are you becoming a Mighty man of Valour?

Leaders are visionaries or should be. Leaders see the vision and are often thinking several steps ahead of where they are practically and financially. They can be like a horse with blinkers, not seeing what cannot be done, but always seeing what can be done. This can be a frustrating area for those around them who are often dealing with the practical elements in ministry. Leaders have a valiant edge, always pushing through the impossibilities. Those around them therefore must be able to ‘keep up.’ They must share the vision and thus be able to ‘run with the leader.’ When the leader wants something done that may not seem to fit any plan or picture, those around them must understand that he or she is working in line with the vision and be quick to seek to accomplish what needs to be done to fulfil that request even though it may seem rather ‘off the wall’ at the time. Therefore those around them must also develop a valiant attitude too; ‘all things are possible to him who believes.’ Do not hinder your leaders by saying, ‘it can’t be done,’ that is like a ‘red rag to a bull,’ rather find a way to do it. The Holy Spirit will help you. Notice the accolade given to young David, a ‘mighty man’ of valour. In the future David would have ‘mighty men’ working with him.

Do you know where these men came from?

1Sam.22:1-2 tells us that when David fled from the presence of Saul, he reached the cave of Adullam where he met his family. It was there that everyone in distress or in debt, or discontented gathered and he became their commander, of about four hundred men. Notice that some of those who gathered around David were discontented, they were malcontents, those who are dissatisfied in their minds, holding grievances etc. David himself had the opportunity to become very discontented with the way he had been treated. He refused to become that way. Those who gathered around him thought that they found one to champion their cause to take revenge. David refused to contemplate being like that. He taught these men self-respect and love for God. he taught them honour and integrity. They became his mighty men his armour bearers.

Extract from my new book “The Spirit of and Armour Bearer.” see publications menu

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