The Beauty of wHoliness part 2

The Beauty of wHoliness part 2

The beauty of wholiness is the combination of holiness of lifestyle and a wholeness within, being the total ‘shalom’ peace that God brings. Nothing missing, nothing broken. A holy lifestyle is the most beautiful adornment for a godly woman because it is the manifest radiance of who is under the skin! Peter puts it like this: ‘what matters is not your outer appearance – the styling of your hair, the jewellery you wear, the cut of your clothes – but your inner disposition.’ 1Pet.3:3,4. With this working for you the adorning of the hair, the jewellery and the clothes become an enhancement not a cover-up.

God did not throw the mould away when Adam threw away his birthright.

Your skin or flesh is just the earth suit you live in. When God became flesh, the Bible says he was ‘found in fashion as a man.’ The use of the word fashion here describes the mould he was made in, the pattern of a man. God did not throw the mould away when Adam threw away his birthright. That mould would still be the means of mankind’s redemption. It was used to produce the Son of Man.1

John knew who he was and in relation to the world and all those in it, he was of a different species in a different class of man. He knew how God saw him and he had accepted that description and grew in confidence in it. Paul also had the revelation of the position he had along with all ‘born again’ believers in Christ, co-heirs with Christ, of the God class. Paul described this new species of mankind as a new creation, literally ‘ a species of being that never existed before.’ 2Cor.5:15

So what does this mean practically, how can you as a woman of God come to such a disposition where you are so totally whole on the inside that it visibly affects your appearance and makes other ‘home sick’ for what you have? Here are 3 basic keys.

Develop a Righteousness Consciousness.

  • In the gospel a righteousness that God ascribes is revealed, Rom.1:17. This right standing with God is given by grace and received by faith. It is His righteousness, you cannot earn it, work for it, only receive it, otherwise it would not be by grace. However it is one thing to give ‘mental assent’ to this most fundamental of all gifts and to have a revelation that you are actually really righteous. Just try looking in the mirror and saying to yourself ‘ you are a righteous woman.’ It does not come easily. The fact of the matter is you can only know it by faith you will never feel righteous. Therefore you have to grow faith in this truth about yourself, until it becomes a reality.

Establish yourself in Righteousness. Is.54:14

  • The result of developing a righteousness consciousness is that you automatically lean on your right standing with God. Jesus was totally righteousness minded, he had to develop this mindset just like you and me. Temptation came to try and rob him of this knowledge, yet he ‘sinned not’ in other words, he did not allow any other thinking to reign supreme in his mind, just as your mind will fight you as you establish yourself with such a mindset. This is called renewing the mind, by doing so you will transform your life.

Become skilful in the doctrine of Righteousness. Heb.5:13

  • Before you can move from milk to the meat of the word you have to have developed a righteousness consciousness. This verse confirms that the revelation of being a righteous woman is the first base after being born again. Indeed the writer of the book of Hebrews talks much about this and describes the cleansing of Christ’s blood, unlike the blood of bulls and goats, as accomplishing just this. Once you know who you are in Christ, a righteous woman, you really have ‘awoken to righteousness,’ (1Cor.15:34) sin is no longer an issue you can begin to know your rights in the kingdom of God and have the confidence to apply them. Paul actually describes righteousness as a weapon with which you can commend yourself, rather than commending yourself with the fashion of this world: ‘by speaking the word of truth, in the power of God, with the weapons of righteousness for the right hand to attack and for the left to defend. 2Cor.6:7 AMP. ‘Because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, contending with only physical opponents, but against despotisms, against the powers against the master spirits who are the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the supernatural sphere.’ Eph.6:12 AMP.

Instead of allowing the world to fashion your thinking and thus your life. You take this tool and fashion yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit, according to how God sees you. Holiness of lifestyle, the radiance of the Person on the inside of you shining through, is the result of having a revelation of righteousness. Such an event changes your perspective totally with regard to the Word of God and is the spring board to growing in faith in all the areas that grace provides. You really can become a woman few will contend with including Satan himself.

However if you are reading this and recognise you are a manicured grave plot, there is hope! God loves manicured grave plots. How you may ask. Because he actually went into the grave to to save you from remaining there. Very few people are actually able to think through to the ‘bottom boards of life’ to face up to the fact they are an open grave, that there is nothing of worth behind all the veneer. How ever hard they try to shovel something meaningful into the hole, power, money, sex, education, intellectualism, materialism, religion even christianism etc. it is never enough to satisfy it only provides fleeting pleasure. Why? because this world’s system is set up to work on the premise that you are your own god when you are in fact under Satan’s cruel thumb…’the wages of (remaining) in sin is death.’ This is the lie Satan, the god of this world, spun to the first man and woman and men and women have been under its spell ever since. Only Jesus has broken the spell of death with the kiss of life and has turned the grave into a pearl. In His eyes you were a pearl all along, but the spell kept you from the truth.

There is a story that Jesus told about the kingdom of God, in other words God’s perspective of the truth about things, about a very rich jewel merchant on the hunt for excellent pearls. When he found a flawless one, he immediately sold all that he had and bought it. (Mt. 13:46)

That flawless pearl is you. God paid the ultimate price to take you out from under the spell of this world’s system and transfer you to His kingdom as His child.

1 How God became the Son Of Man and what this title really means cf. Blood upto your Ankles by Peter Wilks.

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