Covenant World pt.2

Covenant World pt.2

Covenant is the legal structure God has set in place to be able to bless mankind.

Salvation is just the entry point into the covenant world. Its then that you have to renew your mind, your thinking to develop a covenant mindset to begin to understand what a covenant is all about, how it operates. Those Jesus refers to having ‘little faith’ are those who have a little understanding of covenant. Faith becomes more confident as understanding of the covenant grows.

For a full exposition of the covenant God has with man I recommend you read my book: Blood Up To Your Ankles, this will open your eyes and give you a much clearer understanding and enable your faith to grow leaps and bounds!

Following is a excert from my book:

Civilized out of covenant

It has been stated that our western society has been ‘civilised’ out of covenant thinking. We have become the most uncivilized, cheating, back-stabbing, covenant breaking people on the earth! To be fair, the term covenant is not widely used today, however, the agreements we make should be no less binding. Covenants or agreements today have dwindled to pen and ink and hours of a lawyer’s time formulating the stipulations to try and cover every eventuality of the agreement being broken by either side. However strong the penalties may be in such an occurrence if one has enough money it seems, any contract can be dissolved. The throw away quip ‘agreements are made to be broken,’ is the lie that has become the death nail in our society. Adopting such an attitude regarding agreements and especially blood covenants not so long ago, be tantamount to signing one’s death warrant.

Civilizations were based on covenant practise, but the blood gushing ceremonies were regarded as barbarous1 and totally miss-understood, meaningless primitive ceremonies that civilised western societies could not begin to entertain, finding them shocking and repulsive. Missionaries disregarded the practise and preached against it while importing empty western style Christianity with its clean, bloodless, refined protocol and traditions of men, totally missing the one key to the mind and heart of the ‘primitive man’ namely, covenant understanding. The African and American Indian to mention but two of the many primitive societies around the world, are or were some of the most covenant based thinking people. The god of this world has fought to eradicate these people both directly by the slave trade and through the reservations as in North America, or to ‘civilise’ them so they would destroy themselves. The American Indian entered into covenants with the ‘white man’ to gain from his unimaginable technical advances. ‘From the Native American perspective, the significance of the treaty lay not in the document itself but in the exchange of gifts and speeches accompanying it which ritually ended the enmity between the two peoples and redrew the boundaries separating them. Their new relationship was not merely a political alliance, but a spiritual realignment that brought the two peoples into a shared social network where they were bound together by mutual obligations.’2 Never in his wildest dreams did he realise that such covenants from the white man’s perspective were for his convenience only.

1 ‘to civilise’ is to bring out of the state of barbarism, to instruct in the art of life. Oxford English Dictionary.

2 Wilson, James. The Earth Shall Weep. Picador. 1998. ISBN 0-3330-36887-7 Pg. 80-81.

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