Three vs One

Pearl Drop 08-14

God is three in One vs. a hierarchical view of God

Since Adam stepped away from being drawn into the love relationship, the eternal circle of life joy, righteousness and peace, by those who created him in their likeness, man in his independence has defaulted into a hierarchical structure of dominion over the earth, in his politics, society and religion. God gave man dominion over the earth but man was never created to to have dominion over one another. Gen.1:28 Man’s relationship with one another was to be just that, a love relationship.

Those of certain religious persuasions who insist God in one not three, remove and deny the very core of the character, personality and identity of the God of the Bible, simply that God is love. To hold to such an opinion denies the very fundamentality of the Trinity. For a God who exists alone cannot be a God of love. Love cannot exist in isolation. The very nature of love is ‘other – centred’ and therefore has to be more than one. A god who is alone may choose to love, but also may choose to act in numerous other ways, thus being at best an authority acting in some measure of benevolence, at worst totally unreliable and unpredictable.

A hierarchical structure cannot facilitate such a mutual submission that exists in a relationship. A hierarchical structure of necessity supports the rule or dominion of one over another and consequently is fundamentally self-centred. Self-centredness is the root of mans independence from God and the source of the ‘darkness’ into which all people are born physically into, and labour under trying to find their identity, find rest and a place to express who they think they are. Mt.4.16. Those who sit in darkness….in the land and shadow of death…

Mankind can and does find a measure of rest, that of being in a love relationship, between two people.  This aspect of man’s creative design was highlighted when God gave Eve to Adam. In Gen.2:20. we read that Eve was a ‘helpmeet’ for Adam. I suspect Eve was to help Adam experience what was at the core of God’s being, to help Adam fall in love! The need to experience falling in love and remaining in love is the passion at the core of mans being. Such an overwhelming desire can only be in man as the result of who’s child he is and out of the womb he was birthed. That womb is the very matrix of intense passion that exists in the Trinity, where you and I began. You are the result of an expressed passion between your parents, they gave you physical birth, a body within which you can live in this earth. But you were first conceived and created to be compatible for God to come and live in. For God to love and enjoy and for you to love and enjoy them, in perfect union. Jer.1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew and approved of you….

Relationships for LOVE..

The need for natural love relationships in a world of darkness, that does not know God’s heart for mankind are fragile and can be devastatingly cruel because of self-centredness. Those ‘love relationships’ which are formed between those of the same sex also express this need for giving and receiving of love, to be accepted, however this is a perverted condition of relationship out of  mans fallen, confused and twisted alienation from God’s original design for him. Mankind does the best he can in his state of darkened and alien understanding.

Rom.1:26 Mirror Bible. By being confused about their Maker they became confused about themselves women became snared in passion for one another.

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