Re-Evaluating Faith 02

Pearl Drop 02-14

Faith is a gift. An unexpected gift? possibly! Certainly an unearned gift.

Paul in 1Cor.13. talks about faith, hope and love abiding. Love communicates faith and in that communication establishes hope – a confident expectation of what Love communicates will come to pass.

Paul says that the greatest of these is Love, why? because Love is the initiator.

Love cannot remain isolated, alone, the very essence of love is to give, share, love is dynamic, moving, releasing, love can never be self-contained, or is self centred, love is always embracing, including. Love never fails, never diluted, love is totally mesmerised by those who have the capacity to receive, wallow, give back, to live, be totally immersed in this warm runny honey, sticky, love that flows out of the womb of the romance that is going on in the Trinity.

A god who exists in alone, in isolation cannot be a god of love. That is why the God of the Bible is a Trinity, because He IS love. There is a romance going on in the Trinity since before time began, from eternity to eternity, this is why the greatest of these is love. Without love there would be no hope or faith. Hope is the confident expectation communicated to me by love, that I am totally, utterly and unconditionally accepted by my lover, therefore faith comes alive as a gift, that what love believes about me is the truth and will manifest in me and out of me……

Lets look at things from a more human level.

What is the most intense, ecstatic, bliss-filled experience any human being can encounter?

I hope you will agree with me, that of falling in love! It is a state of being that transcends time and transports you into a mesmerising transformation of being and thinking, that the one you love really is the only ‘girl/boy in the world!’ No other being holds even the remotest attraction, you are totally, mystically intertwined, a union with distinction.

You remain individuals, one of you does not merge into the other, the two of you do not morph into some other being. If your idea of union leaves no room for distinction between you and your lover, then you are in danger of becoming so familiar with your lover, that you will soon become ‘bored’ with him/her and start looking for a replacement. Yet how you want this distance, this barrier the flesh creates to disappear, hence the expression,’I love you so much I could eat you!” Such is the intense passion and the longing for one another when parted and the equally intense fulfilment when love is requited in the marriage bed. But somehow it is still never enough, there is a chink in the armour of this union that fails to reach the parts that only union with love himself can reach.

Why do we crave this experience of love? where does it come from in the first place?

I would submit to you that this love thing is imbedded deep in the very fabric of your being. It is your DNA. You and I came into the world as a result of a physical expression of love, two people giving themselves to one another in the most intimate way possible. So why not consider that you actually began, in the very heart of love himself, the very depths of such fiery love in the core of this passion, this eternal romance that has always existed before time began and after time finishes, in a being we call Trinity.

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