The Storms of Life

Circumstances do not change you.  I met with a couple recently who said that God must be teaching them something from what they are going through.  When asked what it was God was teaching them, they had no idea, after thinking about this for a few moments one of them said that perhaps they were being taught patience.  Patience for what purpose?

No, God does not send the storms of life that we all have to weather to teach us anything. The storms of life only reveal the foundations we have built our lives upon.

Jesus actually talked about this to his disciples.  He told a story about two men, one was wise and the other foolish. They both planned and built a house, one on a sandy location, the other on a rocky location.  In my limited understanding of house building, the most important part is laying the right foundation.  This aspect of the job can take the longest and be the hardest, depending on where you are building.   I am sure that laying the foundation for the house in the sand was the easiest and yielded a quicker result than cutting into rock. Mt. 7:24-27.

The house built on the rock faced the same storm, I am sure the timbers creaked and the tiles rattled and the window casements moaned at the forces being applied, but when the storm passed the house remained.  Jesus prefaced His teaching by explaining that both builders were given the same instructions, one heard and acted on them, the other builder heard but did not act on them.  Jesus said, ‘And every one that hears these sayings of mine, and does them …’

The word ‘saying’ is the Greek word ‘logos.’  Some Bible versions translate it as ‘word.’  The range of meaning of this word is many, but the pre-eminent meaning is ‘a word, uttered by a living voice, embodies a conception or idea.

The idea or concept that Jesus is embodying in His words is that of the Kingdom of God.  He is always teaching the principles of the Kingdom of God and how to live as a citizen of that Kingdom, receiving and using the benefits of that Kingdom in the pursuit of serving the King.

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