Black Pearls

God Likes You!

The ‘work of Christ’ is to woo you. You are his bride, sorry guys but it is true for you too! Let’s just say, as guys, we are made to be embraced by love as well as women. The work of Christ was to prepare a place for you within the love circle of the Trinity. In His death and resurrection in which you were included, all barriers to intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit were removed.

Love is an invisible force, it is an internal dynamic. For us it has physical expression, but primarily it is an overwhelming deep, inner sense of complete peace and joy. It is fulfilment, satisfaction, well-being, pleasure, all rolled into one. this is what Christ has for you. You don’t need to see him to experience it. But you do need to know that this is what he offers you, a life of love beyond anything you have experienced so far.

In the natural world we live in, just because you are close to someone does not necessarily mean you are intimate.  But when we like someone, the potential for intimacy is there, if that likeness is reciprocated, this possibility increases. This thing called likeness then is the bedrock for intimacy not proximity.

God likes you because he made you like himself! You may think he is a million miles away, but in reality the extent of likeness cannot be measured in miles but in endless time. Nothing gives him more pleasure than for you to like him too!

God has no other desire but to pleasure you, and to maintain and cultivate such pleasure. The purpose you were created for is to be filled with and replicate the Light (Christ) to all Creation and to ensure the experience of Divine Pleasure. “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32/NKJV) “…for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13/NKJV) Jesus might as well have said, “…it’s your Father’s Garden of Eden to give you the Kingdom.”

Think of it. Giving us the Kingdom is part of the Divine pleasure! It’s part of living in the realm of the Garden. Consider that the key aspect of the Heavens is the Desire to Give. When we receive the Kingdom, we are actually pleasuring God. When we share the Kingdom, we increase His pleasure by both sharing the Kingdom and becoming like Him by giving the Kingdom. Think of all the divine, ultimate, fulfilling pleasure that’s going around. God receives pleasure by giving, we receive pleasure by receiving, we become like God by giving which pleases Him again, and we then sense the pleasure of being like God and share! This is a regular Garden of Eden, Garden of Pleasuring, going somewhere to happen: spreading, filling and replenishing the “Earth,” the Desire to Receive!


Identity is discovered through the voice we listen to. We have all been created to be defined by a Father’s voice. Every little girl is made to hear the words; you are beautiful, and every little boy is made to hear the words; well done. Our words over our children are but a shadow of the gradient thoughts the Father in heaven has for us. Until we each have an encounter with our heavenly Father, like many people we will spend our lives broken and in search of identity.

written by Jonathan Helser of Cagless Birds