Blood up to Your Ankles


read the preface: preface

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Forward by Rev. Rod Anderson……

I am thrilled at what Peter has communcated in this book. The entire church will benefit wonderfully. You’ll be challenged and provoked into a greater depth of intimacy with the Father Himself which is the key to fulfillment.

Rev. Rod Anderson is an international Bible teacher. He is among the teaching staff at the Wagner Institute and co-founder and Director of Prayer For The Nations.

some questions answered by this book:

1. What the practical outworking of a blood covenant is in the  history of mankind.

2. How blood covenant understanding provides a template to overlay the Old and New Covenants to illuminate God’s desire towards mankind & you!

3. How was Abraham able to sacrifice his son….what so impacted his thoughts about the promises of God.

4. What Israel did at Sinai and what the 10 commandments are really all about. God’ proposal of marriage to Israel.

5. How Jesus was God and Man at the same time.

6. What the term ‘In Christ’ really means for you in everyday life.

7. Becoming righteousness conscious.

8. Many other issues: the importance of the hand, arm etc. in scripture. The essence of sin, the essence of love, being and acting righteous……

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